Entries to the Horse World Remembers Book of Condolence will be on display at the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021, as a gesture of appreciation for the Duke’s incredible life and achievements.

I had the honor of meeting HRH Prince Philip in person during the FEI General Assembly in 2005. I will always remember his great sense of humor along with his passion for this sport. The equestrian community has sadly loss an irreplaceable icon.

Jack Huang

Your life and what you acheived is amazing and an example to us all.

Thank-you for your service.

Love and thoughts to your family.

Marie-Anne Rudd

Walstead Stud
I have three daughters who all rode and were delighted to ride at Royal Windsor Horse Show
To see the Duke and Her Majesty The Queen with there friends made the day a wonderful memory. Our entries for the show included 1st show ponies Champion M&M with our Connemara Colt Walstead Cartier Supreme Champion
Thank you for giving us all such pleasure over 40yrs of showing and long may it continue in the future. Our thoughts are with Her Majesty the Queen and Family during this difficult year with sympathy Sonia Burt and Pat Taylor (groom)
P.s We will Miss The Duke Driving his Splendid Horses

Sonia Burt

My memories of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh start at the World Championships Driving in Zug/Switzerland, which i had the pleasure to visit with my father and my family.
Impressed by the presence and influence of his HRH developing horsemanship and the driving culture.

Many memories i have of the wonderful Royal Windsor Horse Show are with the HRH Prince Philip being present at the show and event which made the experience even more special.

Thank you and Rest in Peace!

My condolence to the Royal Family
Franz Fröschl - Tyrol/Austria

Franz Fröschl

Privileged to meet HRH The Duke of Edinburgh when I was 18 (1964) at Windsor Castle where He was most interested in the new sound guides for the State Apartments. I enjoyed His witty stories, superb equestrian skills and great charm, particularly at the members cocktail events, for over fifty years.
Prince Philip I miss your shining light.

Susannah Bradley

A true gentleman who served his country and supported his wife. I met him in 1990 he put you totally at ease and showed a genuine interest in the work we were doing.

Condolences to Her Majesty The Queen and all the members of the Royal Family.

Carolyn Akeister

Never to forget

The driving enthusiasts were very happy that HRH Prince Philip introduced the driving to the FEI equestrian scene in 1969. As Belgian equestrian journalist I had the privilege on many occasions to announce these competitions in four languages. During the marathon mostly from horseback. So I was invited to the 2005 FEI European Championships for pony driving in Sandringham. My own Welsh Cob travelled with me from Belgium and was stabled in the enclosure of Sandringham Castle. In the early morning before the competition I could ride out in these supreme settings. But HRH was also an early bird when we met during this early outing. He driving his team of ponies, Me exercising my horse from the saddle. Later I was invited many times to Royal Windsor as commentator for the driving. I will never forget his sense of humour. At the Driving Trials in Drumlanrig Castle, he tipped over in the marathon and the pony team ran back to the stables. Leaving the carriage quiet damaged with only three wheels left on the track. HRH then put a little advertisement on the carriage; "Carriage for sale - Contact: HRH Prince Philip".
He was one of us in the international driving scene. Thank you for opening this traditional and noble way of working with horses in harness to an international sport on the highest level.

Photo: HRH Prince Philip's speech at the FEI European Championships for Ponies at Sandringham – July 17th 2005 – © Mark Wentein

Mark Wentein, Sr. Editor Hippo Revue – Belgium www.hippo.be

Mark Wentein

It with heartfelt sadness that we all share the sad loss of the Duke. He was the most inspirational and virtuous gentleman who's legacy promotes a sense of purpose, duty and dedication in all aspects of our lives. Personally, his inspiration is the shared love of equestrianism and carriage driving. My family have always drawn fond inspiration and respect from the Dukes leading example. He was indeed a formidable but wonderful character. I had the pleasure of a quiet private moment alone with the Duke when I was waiting to judge my class at the British Driving Society Annual show was Smiths Lawn. He wonderfully quipped "what's it like being target practice!", he was always guaranteed to make a smile, thank you Sir.
Your legacy and inspiration will continue forever.

Lester Dagge

I am grateful for Prince Philips contribution to the equestrian world, in my younger days I competed with my local pony club in the Prince Philip cup mounted games I have extremely fond memories of an extremely enjoyable time, The duke of Edinburgh will be very fondly remembered and my deepest condolences to his family.

Lara Clarke

Remembering a wonderful legacy freely given, an inspiration to all.

I first met HRH Prince Philip through carriage driving at the age of 16, suddenly at The European Championships working for him. Terrified at first, but soon all I saw, was a man who loved his horses and the sport. He was just "normal". No airs and graces, he just loved being able to do the thing he loved.
I met him over the years at various competitions, and he never changed. He would stop to talk and admire your new horse and then amazingly some 15 years later at a Palace Garden Party he recognised me and shouted "How's that big black bugger of yours?" across the lawn to my mothers horror! But it was just him - wanting to talk horses.
Later through my work I got to know him in a different context and saw the consummate professional, the Queen's Consort in action. The true gentleman. RIP Sir. You will be so very missed.

Sarah Sowerby

Thank you for your life of service.
David & Morgan, Lincolnshire

Morgan Toner

Prince Phillip was an amazing man, the likes of which we may never see again!

Prince Phillip will be missed by many but what an amazing legacy he has left, so much just coming to light in the wake of his death.

Deborah Brougher

Amazing man and a legacy to be remember for generations to come.

God bless, sir.

Shannon Gardner

He was a great man, a great personality, a horse man from top to toe ... and his unconventional sayings were legendary and wonderful. He will be tremendously missed, even outside England.

Katrina Wuest

I remember seeing him whilst I was enjoying a trip on a small boat on the Thames at Windsor and he was driving a carriage on the opposite side - I waved and he smiled and waved back - I was about 12 years old and that made my day....RIP

Sarah Lee

I am so grateful for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. I am truly honoured to have been awarded the Gold Award which I received from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace. This opened doors for me which I never even knew existed.
The contribution of HRH to the horse world is legendary and his knowledge and wisdom unparalleled.
May you rest in peace sir, you will be much missed.

Jane Hart

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

Dorothee Kumbach

For a truly fantastic and unmeasurable contribution to life, we thank you!

RIP Your Royal Highness

Philip Parkes

What a amazing person HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was.He was always by the Queens side and being so supportive to her.His love of all things Equestrian and the taking part and encouraging everyone around him was fantastic.The Duke of Edinburgh wards were something that so many young people will remember all their life’s.He was a wonderful family man and always looked as though he enjoyed every second spending time with the family.He will be greatly missed.A very sad time.


My thoughts are with Her Majesty The Queen and her family at this time of grief and sadness.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences and very best wishes.

Vicky Kangurs

A superb horseman with a wealth of knowledge which he was always willing to share.

Lesley Wells

You will be sadly missed by many people. You have been a lifelong support to HM The Queen; and many of her subjects in many countries know that. Your Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has benefited many young people to give them lifelong skills. I did a similar scheme with Tube Investments Ltd. and it gave me many skills working in a team and individually.

Eric Bentley

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh clearly led a remarkable life. A man who was completely devoted to his wife, our dear Queen, his family and his many charities and good causes including the D of E Award. He will be sorely missed by all those who knew him or whose lives were touched or inspired by him.
From a personal point of view, my son is in The Royal Navy and trained at BRNC and so I feel I can begin to understand HRH's love of his Naval career. Also, I ride and volunteer with RDA and so appreciate all that HRH did for Equestrianism.
May he now Rest In Peace.

In 1942 Ronald Percy Crome, my Father-in-law, was serving in the Royal Navy and was honoured to be chosen as personal driver to his Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh and Lord Louis Mount Batten during their posting in India.
Ronald took great pride to ensure their safe journeys during the year he held this position and felt privileged to be included in many of their activities.
I am sure that he, together with many millions of people would want to wish sincere condolences to HRH The Queen.
May time heal your sorrow,
May family ease your pain.
May peace replace your heartache and
May warmest memories remain.
May the love of those around you
Help you through the days ahead.
Lyn 💕

Lyn Crome