Entries to the Horse World Remembers Book of Condolence will be on display at the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021, as a gesture of appreciation for the Duke’s incredible life and achievements.

Our deepest condolences to HRH Queen Elizabeth II and her Family. May your memories be strong and forever happy. May HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh R.I.P. Thank you Sir for your unconditional service and your Love and support to our most beautiful Queen


Your Majesty, please accept my condolences at this sad time for you and your family. I watched The Duke of Edinburgh carriage driving at The Royal Windsor Horse Show several times, have seen you at Badminton Horse Trials and I was at Blenheim in 2005 when Zara became European Horse Trials Champion. It was while watching a documentary about Princess Anne and Capt. Mark Phillips that I decided to go back to horse riding. I am now a two horse owner and it has given me so much especially through lockdowns. Thank you for everything you do for this country and once again. I am thinking of you at such a sad time.

Chris Blackburn

An inspirational man with probably the most difficult role. His loyalty and devotion to his Queen, country and Commonwealth, a debt of gratitude we all owe. Thank you your Royal Highness from an Australian supporter and admirer, who hung around the Royal Windsor Horse Show on many occasions enjoying your great skill as a carriage driver. You will be sadly missed by all.

Aimee Rowell

I fondly remember the Duke , superbly driving a team of horses in the Carriage Driving Class. It was a highlight of The Royal Windsor Horse Show. An able and talented horseman even at his grand old age .
RIP Prince Philip.

Carolyn Droussiotis

Tears are the currency of love for which are being shed with imeasurable respect for a man who leaves a legacy that is priceless to Great Britain 🥀

Sue Fotheringham

“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.” (Arabian proverb) ...
You leave us with the best of yourself Prince Philip - God bless and keep you always. 🙏💙

Janine Palmer

HRH The Duke I’d Edinburgh, Thank you fir everything you have done . Thank you for your guidance and love to the British people and around the world . You were always one step behind our wonderful Queen with guidance and love . It was a privilege to have met you through carriage Driving , you were a wonderful competitor and the spirit of a lion . Rest in peace you have served our country well . May gods bless you and all those that sail . RIP🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Jean Clayden

During a race meeting, my Father accidentally stepped back onto someone’s foot, as he did so as he turned around he said, ‘sorry mate’ only to see Prince Phillip looking down at him with that twinkle in his eye and a smile saying in wonderfully clipped English ‘that’s quite alright Mate!’
Another time in his later years prior to his retirement, he was opening the village scout hut, his staff were fussing around him, when I heard him irritatingly say, ‘for heavens sake am I now incapable of cutting a ruddy ribbon!’
His upright naval posture and his candour will always live in my memory. My heartfelt sympathy for the sad loss to her Royal Highness our beloved Queen and family. May HRH The Duke of Edinburgh rest in peace.

D. Brockwel

Thanks for all his contributions to my sport of combined driving! Laura F. Crews, Virginia, USA

Laura Crews

The only times I ever saw you were at The Show when you were carriage driving. Your skill, spirit, bravery and sheer enjoyment was a pleasure to behold. Thank you Sir for all you did. The world will be a duller place without you in it.

Jill Parry

Thank you for a life dedicated to service and for all that you did for the world of horse sport enthusiasts. You will be remembered forever xo

Tiffany Foster

My one regret - I never saw HRH The Duke of Edinburgh competing in horse driving trials in person.

Photos of him in books and magazines in the 1970s and 80s fostered an as yet unfulfilled ambition to drive a team of Cleveland Bays.

Those same photos introduced me to this wonderful breed which I am proud to be involved with still.

His sense of how to engage young people with sports and outdoor activities was remarkable - my sons took part in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and I took part in the Prince Philip Cup mounted games although our team never achieved the ultimate achievement of reaching the finals at Olympia. Both schemes challenge and develop skills in young people and break down barriers - developing strong team ethics and also breaking down internal barriers to success.

My heartfelt condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family at this sad time and I hope Her Majesty can find comfort in her ponies who always seem to offer so much comfort when they sense we need it.

Kate Lines

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your wit. Thank you for your style. Thank you for caring about family , friends, and country. The world is a better place for having known you. Trot on, and may your legacy continue. Peace and good will follow in your footsteps. You have been a knight in shining armor, and you wore it well. God bless you and yours.

Adrienne St.Cyr

I was thrilled to meet you and the The Queen in 1977 Silver Jubilee in Middlesbrough as the youngest Queens Guide I was delighted when you spoke to me, stood in our thin Guide uniforms you asked me if I had my first aid badge and that it was so cold we may need it!
I always admired your sense of humour, devotion to duty and your way with horses. To live for almost 100 years and touch so many people’s lives, remarkable, God Bless.

Sylvia Terry

I was fortunate to come across HRH in Windsor Great Park when his 6 horse carriage caused my horse to turn and flee. He stopped, patiently waited for us to collect ourselves and asked as to our well being before allowing us to pass by before he himself proceeded. In his own backyard, such politeness and consideration.

Brenda Morris

The Duke of Edinburgh will be sadly missed. The Royal Windsor horse show and watching the carriage driving was the highlight of my trip back to England years ago. Thank you Prince Philip for you tireless service to our Queen. Rest in Peace.

Tracy Anderson

A truly remarkable man who proved that there are many choices in life no matter who you are and where you come from. The choices you make determine your future and the legacy you leave behind .
Prince Philip leaves a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

Hazel Danks

Sir, I had the pleasure of speaking with you for many years at your party at Royal Windsor Horse Show. I will never forget the year when I returned from abroad and I traveled more or less , straight to the party. The weather was foul, the showground cold and muddy and I attended the party wearing pink flowery wellies and a fur coat.

You came to talk to me as you always did to every single person attending and I aplogised for my apparel. You said " My dear, if I 'd had the choice, I would have chosen pink wellingtons and a fur coat , in these conditions , it seems very sensible to me".

You were a star in every way , May God keep you and may you rest in peace.

Julia Topham Barnes

A shining example to the UK and the world both in times of war and times of peace who led in so many aspects of sport and equestrianism and further in his interests of engineering. As well as all this he succeeded in bringing the monarchy into the twentieth and twenty first centuries and in so many ways ensuring that an efficient and purposeful monarchy of all sixteen nations could be managed. He will be sorely missed on so many levels.
Patrick and Catherine Powers

Patrick Powers

With sincere thanks and appreciation for the enormous contribution you made to the lives of our young people through the DoEAS , daring to be different , to be a proven visionary and a world class , world beating innovator.
Your contribution to the UK and on the global stage will be felt for years to come not to mention the strength , courage and determination in shaping the Royal Family through their most significant challenges & change ,, your natural ability to connect with people through knowledge , humour and informed opinion to all and any subject matter .
The love , support and devotion you gave to the most amazing Woman in the world , Our Queen , Queen Elizabeth ,
RIP Sir xx

Thank you sir

Barry Windsor

I remember the first time I saw HRH The Duke of Edinburgh driving a team of horses around the obstacles, I was transfixed. It was a display of some of the most daring & brave horsemanship I had ever seen. Every horse was waiting on the Dukes next command, they all pulled together for him, for each other, very much all part of the same team. I will especially miss seeing him alongside Her Majesty sharing in her love of all things equestrian. The horse world has lost ones of its greats. Rest in Peace Prince Philip. X

Samantha Douglas

Although you have left us and we feel sad without you, we must remember that you are just a thought away, so that’s still so close really.
Thank you for everything, Sir. What a truly amazing man.

Vivienne Flowers

Thank you for all your contributions to horse sports worldwide and in particular the inclusion of disabled equestrian athletes.

Dale Dedrick

Dear HRH Prince Philip,Our Duke.
Your passing has been a moment we have all wished would never come, but alas our life has true meaning when we become one with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Your passing has had a deep effect on me and so many much more people around the entire world, but I remember you with happiness and LOVE, for not only what you have achieved but because you kept the standards of honesty, integrity and uniqueness in all you searched out and stuck to in achieving the highest of standards.
Your memories will always be remembered and You will firmly be in Our Prayers.
We have been proud to see you in an around Windsor many times, just going about your daily interests at home and also around Our Beloved British Isles with your dearest wife - Our Glorious Queen- Her Majesty.
God Bless and Keep you and please look down on us and continue to guide us and protect us from All harm strengthened with the All consuming Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ- Our One true God, United in death and always cherished.

Today I passed on to my daughter Laura, who is 6 years, your story and reminded her that when Our Great Sir Winston Churchill passed away my dear parents then speak to us then of such a good man and this is how you will be remembered in our hearts an on our lips as we pass your story down through the generations.

Rest In Peace Dear Prince Philip- We love You and you will never be forgotten.