Entries to the Horse World Remembers Book of Condolence will be on display at the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021, as a gesture of appreciation for the Duke’s incredible life and achievements.

I remember my dad telling us all at home that he would have a natter with the Duke when he walked the long walk.
My dad had also been in the Navy and also had a love of horses.
My dad had fond memories of his brief chats and how down to earth and interesting the Duke was.
I lost my dad when I was 25. It feels like the end of an era, such a loss. But in those left behind, their memory lives on. I hope that you take comfort in the many wonderful years you shared together. The achievements that were made, the companionship and duty freely given.
All a celebration of a wonderful person, a life well lived.

Nikki Sullivan

A sad passing of a wonderful man, dedicated to his wife, the crown , his family, the nation and commonwealth- A father figure to all colours , all religions and all people whether young or old , poor or rich. He was passionate about wildlife and the young getting every opportunity to succeed and achieve the best they could in life.

Peter Hemmings1

I recall with great fondness , meeting His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh,at the Royal Lancashire Show,nearly forty years ago.
I happened to know the then Chairman of the show,Clifford North,who was an active and very able horseman,who took great delight in introducing me to the duke.The duke was a very handsome,utterly charming gentleman,who was a great pleasure to meet.-fond memories of a very special day!
With remembrance and love,Helena.

Helena Williams

In memory of a great man. Gena & Daphne. Victoria BC Canada

Daphne Gardner

HRH Duke of Edinburgh. Thank you for the contribution you gave to the equestrian world. Thank you for the service you gave to HMS The Queen, and to this country. You was a character. Rest in peace x🐎

Hazel Springett

Being 1 day younger than Prince Charles you were the father figure I never had I grew up with your principles and discipline and forthright manner and it has stood me in good stead may you rest in eternal peace


As a carriage driver, it is difficult to put in words the amazing contribution Prince Philip made to the sport, at all levels. We 'met' him several time times whilst competing and stewarding, he always had a wave and a smile, was no nonsense and wanted no fuss.we are indebted.
He practically invented the sport at an international level, wrote the rules, invented the plastic cones, developed a method for rein handling for a team of four, designed the first 'back step' for a carriage, the list goes on; he was a true visionary.
As the proud owner of a Caspian horse, HRH was undoubtedly a leading force behind their introduction to the Western world, and fr that too the breed will always be indebted.
May he continue to drive his team across pastures new.

Nichola Waddicor

RIP Sir. You will be truly missed. You’re great sense of humour always make me laugh.

Sophie Alderson

Queen Elizabeth-
I am very sorry to hear of the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh. We will remember him fondly.
Long Live the Queen with the Duke’s spirit along side of you,
Julie K/USA

Julie Kepple

Prince Philip has given the citizens of this world, the commonwealth, the United Kingdom, the royal family and most of all the HM the Queen more than any other such an incredible magnificent contribution to the well being of us all. Nobody could have asked for more. We will remember him with tremendous gratitude.

Harvey Vivian

Thank you for your loyalty and service to the Queen and country. It was an honour to have met you over the years and I will never forget those memories. It was a highlight in the summer to also see you at the polo over the years. You will never be forgotten.

Stephanie POLIUS

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, you were a man that stood with your Queen through thick and thin. You were her husband and partner in the life you shared together. You gave joy to people around the world for many years. You also put smiles on many faces. Rest in peace Prince Phillip

Michele Savory

I am so so sad for the Queen. The Queen must be devastated.
I hope that the whole of the equestrian community stands and supports the Queen with her great loss.

Jane Lock-Smith

With great sadness we heard about the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. We remember him as a enthousiastic man in carriage driving over many years in the UK and in the Netherlands. In the last years we have seen him many times at the events at Sandringham and Hopetoun and we were astonished about his ongoing enthousiasm and approachability.
Our condolences to the family, the people of the UK and the carriage driving society.
Marion Koornneef and Frank Huijer (NL)

J.M. Koornneef

Thank you very much for all You have done for the
equestrian sports and the Driving sport in particular.
It has been a privilege to be introduced to You at the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2013.
Rest in Peace, Sir.

Peter van Kooij

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh will be greatly missed by all. His cheeky smile, devilish sense of humour and his loyalty to our beloved queen. An husband, father, grand father and great grandfather that was loved and cherished. And a key part to the United Kingdom and our royal family. I for one and proud to have him represent our country and be a loyal companion to our queen.

Lauren Hall

He was such a fabulous ambassador to the sport of carriage driving and all other equine disciplines Will be sorely missed by the equine family

Graham Potter

I am lucky to live near to Sandringham and saw Prince Philip skilfully driving his Fell ponies on many an occasion. I am grateful for his contribution to the horse world and especially for his involvement with the Pony Club, of which I was a member. The Pony Club encouraged so many young people to become better riders and gave them the opportunity to compete in the Prince Philip Cup games. Thank you, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Fay Baker

Just finished the marathon at sandringham. Having a great run with the team. That weekend, it was the dukes 90th birthday celebration with the driving world. Sipping champagne, laughing and joking in his presence. Singing him happy birthday is a memory I’ll cherish. The following day out walking the team and he even came over and spoke to me again asking how my head was feeling, as well as how the boys are ready for the cones.

The following year at Windsor national championships. HRH making a get away from his security driving off was certainly entertaining. He never seemed an easy man to keep up with!

The driving world owe him everything. My childhood and younger adulthood was all thanks to him. Creating a discipline for all ages and abilities to compete as one.

Rest in peace Philip. You brilliant cheeky man.

Rebecca Russell

Thank you Sir for creating the amazing sport of combined Carriage Driving. You were an inspiration for the you with the Doe Awards and created myself a new path that I found having been rendered paraplegic. Always a pleasure to be invited to your home at Sandringham. Much respect Sir, you will be missed. God Save the Queen.


Thanks to the man who directly or indirectly determined the life and being of many of us. Thank you for who you were and for participating in our fantastic driving sport. Without you there was no driving sport. You were a stimulus and example to many.

Wim De Poorter

A great life, well lived, RIP Prince Phillip

George Blackie

Thank you Boss for 20 years of pure joy and challenge, you were a mentor and an inspiration . A horseman and an artist that enjoyed the thrill of competition without caring if you won or lost, a true Sportsman . Drive your horses to heaven .

David Saunders

Around 20 years ago, I was in Windsor for the first time. It was my first international competition as a four-in-hand groom, was about 20 years old and I live in Belgium.
The whole setting was so impressive to me, I fell in love with this place instantly. We (the driver, another groom and me) we're checking the obstacles one evening, when all the others were having diner so we were all Alone there. At one Point a range rover came across, pulled up at the obstacle and we saw the Duke leaving te car. He came over to us, said hello and chatted a bit about the competition. I was completely stunned actually... But he was so kind, friendly and you could see his enthousiasm and love for the driving sports in his eyes. He left a huge impression and even now, 20 years later, sometimes I think back at that moment. And I feel honoured and blessed to have met a person like the Duke. He has done so much for our beloved sport and will be missed. Thank you for all you did Sir!

I remember riding through the woods at Stanmer park years ago, unbeknown to us the carriage driving was taking place! Our horses bolted as heard a carriage behind them, we honestly thought we weren’t going to “make it”! Over logs under branches, luckily we managed to stop just before the road! Found out later it was Prince Philip’s carriage that spooked our boys! RIP Prince Philip, you will be sorely missed x

Rachel Williams