Entries to the Horse World Remembers Book of Condolence will be on display at the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021, as a gesture of appreciation for the Duke’s incredible life and achievements.

I have been very fortunate and honoured to meet HRH Prince Philip on many occasions. May I offer my condolences to the Queen and the Royal Family at the loss of such a great man. HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh enjoyed the company of carriage driving folk around the world, who were privileged to be involved. His contribution to our sport as an administrator with the rules, carriage designer, innovator, author, competitor, coachman, judge, is so immense it is unmeasurable. Thank you Sir.

Jeannie Lane

A loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. A remarkable equestrian. An example for us all. RIP.

Marian Thomas

In humble gratitude for the example set of a life well lived in service to others.

Caroline Denson-Smith

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was an amazing inspiration to so many people young and old to take up a sport or activity. His knowledge of so many subjects meant he could talk to people from any background and did so with a cheeky grin and twinkle in his eye (most of the time) It was a pleasure to be in his company and long may he be fondly remembered by all , especially those whose lives he has touched. Thank you for your expertise and involvement in the equestrian world it has been a pleasure to be part of it.
Long may your memory live on.
Dale Atkinson.

Dale Atkinson

Having attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show for over 50 years I have had the privilege of witnessing HRH The Duke of Edinburgh within the equestrian world, both in competition and supporting roles. He has been an inspiration in so many ways. I hope to take some of this forward in my life. Thank you.

Patricia Eastgate

HRH Prince Philip
What an amazing man you were and what a life you led.
You were an inspiration to so many with your outstanding awards and medals.
Your tireless dedication to our Incredible Queen and Country (and to your family) is your biggest achievement of all.
Thank you.

Diana Balfour Evans

What an incredible man and an incredible legacy he has left to all of us who are passionate about equestrian sport. His passion will live on in our passion. Goodnight and God bless.

Sophie Thomas

So sadly missed the Duke was a marvellous supporter of equestrianism the World over , a true knight in the full meaning of the word. Thoughts and prayers are with the Queen and his children and the rest of the family. Our local Pony Club has won the Prince Phillip cup and its their proudest moment . What opportunities and adventures he has given to so many children and young adults. He leaves a huge legacy lets make sure we make the best of it

Yvonne Smith

It was so sad to hear of the passing of Prince Phillip he leaves a legacy of dedication to the horse world. He will be sorely missed at these events.

Valerie warwick

Thank you for all you have done in the Equestrian world over the years and for the incredible leadership, hard work and dedication you have show us all. From all of us luckily enough to compete at The Royal Windsor Horse show, we owe you such a debt of gratitude.

Lucinda Freedman

The horse world has lost a great patron of the equestrian world. HRH Prince Phillip was such a gentleman when he was out with his Dales pony and trap in Windsor Great Park he stopped his trap and let my riding companion whose horse was frightened by the carriage to pass on the short grass, once past safely he then carried on.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her majesty the Queen and the rests of the royal family for their loss.

Patricia Mentzel

An inspiration to us all


I write with grateful thanks for the opportunity to share with other like-minded individuals who love and care for horses, in celebrating the great life lived by Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, and the sadness I feel in his passing for the Queen and the Royal Family. I have on many occasions had cause to admire the Duke's competitive skills in carriage-driving while watching events at the Royal Windsor Show and at Alnwick Castle finding the experience (of watching) both alarming and entertaining in equal measures. I had the pleasure of meeting the Duke when my daughter received the Duke of Edinburgh's Award many years ago. So many memories of a great life well-lived and never forgotten. PJ

Penelope Johnson

Thank you your Royal Highness for everything you have done for equestrian sport. You have left a legacy which will enable young and old, rich or poor, able or disabled to enjoy equines and competing. God bless you sir.

Always a joy to watch HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at the horse driving trials at Lowther.
My husband and I were lucky to meet him one afternoon many years ago on the Lowther Estate whilst we were out walking our scotties and HRH having a practice drive on the tracks .
I will always remember how happy he looked driving 4 in hand on those forest tracks on a sunny afternoon in July.

Cath Marchbank

I had the great pleasure of watching Prince Philip judge a carriage driving class at Royal Windsor.
He will be surely missed by many. What an inspiration.

Angela Goulding


I salute you and Prince Philip on all you stand for and demonstrate.

I truly believe the simplicity of our animal connections will make sense in what can be seen as a mad mad world.

I compete in pairs carriage driving trials and felt deeply connected to the Prince's apron and cap on the seat of his vehicle. The cap put on with great pleasure knowing an outside activity- mostly with purpose was about to unfold; when I put on my apron the cares and worries of work all disappear for at least a couple of hours as my horses remind me we only work if we work united in calm pleasure at what they can achieve at my careful considerate bidding. We are truly blessed with our intimacy with such noble animals - and the pleasure shines from your face Ma'am and did so on the Prince's.

I am a recent Covid widow and foolishly, I was surprised at how much more poignant your loss felt than even my own. Your job is done with intense scrutiny and mine in the quiet backwaters, when my grief is my own - to cherish - as I must.

I pray your memories and shared experiences resonate with you every minute of every day; I worked with my beloved husband and still rely on his ' teachings'; and guidance; as I walk my path - seemingly alone - but in truth never alone - as he is the only person who really knew me - and I am so sure, Your Majesty, that that truth is your truth and you appear alone - but you walk hand in hand with his Spirit - until we all are in the Kingdom of God, and all is understood and all is forgiven.

May God give you the peace you so richly have earned and deserve - and may he allow you still the ability to find pleasure in the beauty of so many things that surround us in the free World.

Beseeching God's blessings on you and all whom you care about.

Your loyal subject.

Margaret Routledge

margaret routledge

I just wish to pass on my condolences to Her Majesty the Queen & to all her family & friends at their sad loss. Prince Philip will be for me an enduring force of energy & enthusiasm especially as I'm now getting older myself but Prince Philip has given me hope that one can age without giving into the vicissitudes of ageing.
My very best wishes to you all & allow yourself to enjoy your wonderful animal companions who are always I have found a great source of solace.

Jo Shuttleworth

Un merveilleux souvenir de plusieurs rencontres lors de concours d'attelage de Brighton. Durant la reconnaissance du marathon le Duc est arrivé en hélicoptère car il devait repartir vite pour des obligations, mon fils de 6 ans, impressionné par l'hélicoptère stationné, a eu la permission de monter dedans et en à gardé un souvenir ébloui.
Plusieurs rencontres au concours d'attelage de Windsor, lors de remises de prix, la catégorie team poneys était souvent à côté de la catégorie solo que je pratique, nous avons donc conversé en attendant la remise des prix.
Merci au Duc pour l'essor qu'il a donné à la discipline de l'attelage, merci pour sa sincérité et sa simplicité lors de ces rencontres sportives.
Anne-Violaine Brisou

anne-violaine Brisou

Sir, you were an inspiration to everyone involved in the equestrian world with such clear and original thinking and brilliant ideas, coupled with the energy and drive to make them happen.
Your legacy will endure forever!

Colin Brooks

A truly remarkable and inspirational man. Never forgotten , he will be sorely missed in many areas of life.

Chris Tar

Top man....a caring and extremely brave gentleman (in more ways than one), in all aspects....will be sadly missed.......RIP The Duke of Edinburgh

John Griffin

A great passionate horseman is no longer, it Will be a great löss....

Corinne & Pieter Brandhorst

A seafarer and a horseman, what better combination could you ask for. R.I.P. Along life well lived. from a naval and equestrian family our thoughts are with our amazing Queen.

Jacky Matlock

Thankyou for your contribution to the horse world HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh RIP my thoughts are with her majesty the queen and family in our hearts forever xx

Karen Friend