Entries to the Horse World Remembers Book of Condolence will be on display at the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021, as a gesture of appreciation for the Duke’s incredible life and achievements.

Prince Philip exemplified love, loyalty, dedication and hard work. It was never about him but about his family and the causes he passionately supported. He first him by the band at his funeral “I vow to thee my country” said it all. He will be sadly missed.

Kathy Bracher

det är med stor sorg och saknad från oss här i Sverige och hästvärlden i hela världen. Med hela mitt hjärta sänder jag tankar till det Engelska kungahuset och det Engelska folket och bevarar Hertigen av Edinburgh i mitt minne. En ny stjärna lyser klar på himlen.

in memory he will alwas be in our hearts and a new bright strar is shining in heaven

Mariette Eriksson

HRH the Duke of Edinburgh will be missed not only by his family but so many people around the world, especially equestrians. His daughter and granddaughter both achieved high accolades in eventing, his sons, polo. He put carriage driving on the map. He will be missed. RIP

Fiona Charman

Von der Erde gegangen – im Herzen geblieben.
Ruhe in Frieden

Sylvia Benz-Mesecke

What an amazing man. Your humour, wit and support for the Nation will be sorely missed. Your love of equestrianism inspired many and introduced carriage driving to many an exhilarating sport to watch. Your achievements and loyalty were outstanding and truly inspirational. Rest in peace.

Anique Hobden

Dear Prince Philip,
Thank you so much for your dedication and wonderful contributions to the equestrian world. You have inspired many and you have really made a difference. We will miss you so much.
Kind regards
Kelly Anerud

Kelly Anerud

Although we have never met you have always been inspirational and you have made a great legacy to the world. Along with that I loved watching the adrenaline fuelled competition carriage driving and you always made me smile when you came out with one of your quips and showed you can do anything if you put your mind to it. My condolences to her majesty the Queen and Royal family.

Susan English

What an amazing man. He was a brilliant horseman and a loving family man. He fought for the environment and represented and supported the Queen for over 75 years. He did so much for the Pony Club and will forever be in our hearts. Gone but not forgotten.

Julie Collins

I cannot realistically put into words all that he was, he did & what he meant to a very, very grateful nation. His Royal Highness you are most special.

Paul Jeffries

HRH Prince Phillip , Duke of Edinburg

Thank you for supporting the most amazing woman in the world .... our Queen
Thank you for the Pony club and teaching respect ,responsibility and love to our equines.
Thank you for the Duke Of Edinburgh Awards , where many a lost soul has been found .
Thank you for your children , who I know will pass this goodness on .....
Most importantly
Thank you for being YOU

Rachel Ablett

The first time I had the honor of meeting with Prince Philip was during the Royal Horse show in Windsor.. Such a nice person, we were on the same obstacle for the combined driving competition marathon, me, as a judge, he as the time keeper, during the day we talked about the driving sport in France(he loved to speak french) and in Europe, the way it was evolving, people we knew in common...He was so involved and devoted to this sport.. Such a brillant horseman. Thank you for all what you did for the Driving sport, Prince Philip, HRH the duke of Edimburg, you will always stay in our heart..

My sister and I were fortunate enough to be invited to a drinks reception held at Windsor Castle for members of the RWHS during which HRH joined the gathering and mingled with the all the guests. He came over to us and asked if we had come far. When I told him we had traveled down from East Yorkshire he looked slightly bemused and asked why we had come so far. I gestured at him, and looked up and around at the beautiful room and replied that it was an invitation we could not refuse! He smiled and seemed satisfied with my answer.
HRH leaves so many wonderful memories and a legacy that will continue to be an example to us all.
Our sincerest condolences go to you, our Queen and all your family.

Your most respectful and loyal subjects,
The Metcalfe Family.

Paul Metcalfe

Warm condolences.

Annika Korpinen

he will be dearly missed my all a love gentleman
who did alot for everyone

fiona macgrggor

A truly remarkable man who supported grass roots horses and people who wanted to be involved with them. He was straightforward just wanting people to achieve the best they could. An innovator who opened up ideas that could be taken forward. A legacy we hope can be continued.

Gemma Stedman

The Duke of Edinburgh will be sadly missed by many in the equestrian community, he brought so much to the sport and made many equestrians dreams come true and that is remarkable, not just in the UK but around the world, I am sure that his legacy will live on within the sport especially within driving and mounted games as his love for these disciplines was extraordinary, he gave so much support to the community within the showing world as well, not to forget the Royal Windsor Horse show where he wouldn't miss the finals of the mounted games, he would be there watching
A great face in the community which will be sadly missed but a legacy which will live on forever

Aimee Kember

My deepest condolences to the Queen and her family . I am a member of Club Argentino de Carruajes and I’ve been to the Royal Windsor Horse Show twice . Prince Philip was an example of horsemanship and sportsman enjoying carriage driving until the end . He will be deeply missed .

Maria Angela Benvenuto

From an Oklahoma ranch thank you for accepting my beloved Quarter Horses as polo ponies. We also share Dragon sailboat racing enthusiasm whether off Malta or on Manila Bay. Miss you already, Martha Clark, Member Guards Polo Club

Martha Clark

It was because of watching HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at Brighton Driving Trials that we learnt to carriage drive. Thank you Sir for your enthusiasm and expertise. I later owned a Fell driving pony which I trained for RDA Carriage Driving to share the pleasure with others.
Sir, you were an inspiration for all of my life,
thank you.

Janet Tilston

RIP Prince Philip. A fine equestrian and lover of horses. Will be widely missed in the equestrian community

Caomi Maynard

An innovator, an educator, an inspiration and example to us all.
Never forgotten.

Sandra Pratt

Hearing of the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh I was deeply saddened it made me think of my own Grandfather. Like The Duke of Edinburgh he fought for his country. And lived through extraordinary times & yet they both still had a great sense of humor. The love & respect HRH showed towards his Queen was beautiful likened again to that of my Grandparents.
If we can take anything from this sad passing is to take some of these values & instill them within us & generations to come.
Thank you HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and Rest In Peace.

Dawn Leadon Bolger

A great contribution to the equestrian world and a huge loss


Growing up in New Zealand, I was always aware of the love members of the Royal Family had for horses. HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was no exception. The Prince Phillip Cup was the stuff of my childhood books that I read again and again while waiting for my own pony. His love of Polo, his innovative approach to Carriage Driving and his leadership with FEI are an important part of his legacy.

I think of his horses, grooms and riders who must miss him terribly and I am thankful that he and HRH Queen Elizabeth have passed on that passion to the safe hands of many of their children, grandchildren and to the generations to come.

He was a man well named- Phillip means lover of horses. Ride well, Sir.

Di Thomson

Thank you for all your wonderful support and far sightedness within the horse world, and beyond
You have given so many people such wonderful chances from the Prince Phillip Cup mounted games to the D of E scheme and far beyone
Thank you from us all

Sacha Wheatley