Entries to the Horse World Remembers Book of Condolence will be on display at the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021, as a gesture of appreciation for the Duke’s incredible life and achievements.

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family for the loss of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

He was a great man in so many ways. He has been an inspiration to young people in showing them the values of duty and service.

He did many great things nationally and internationally but we our touched every day by his work locally in Windsor. From the Great Park and Guards Polo Club to the Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Royal Farm Shop he will continue to touch the lives of my family.

We will remember him through his work here and be reminded of his great sense of humour. May he rest in peace.

Paul Loughlin

Dear Sir,
Thank you for always being such a wonderful example of an honest, dignified and caring person. I have always loved the way that you and her majesty care for and respect the horses, dogs and other animals in our world.
Love for animals is one of our most treasured possessions and you displayed it at all times.
I hope you meet all your treasured friends again in your new place.
Love and God bless, you’ll always be missed and never forgotten. Lin xx

Lin Wilcock

I had the good fortune to meet the HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra in 2008 where His Royal Highness was leading a Commonwealth conference. The photo shows Prince Philip amongst the people, energetic, passionate and dedicated, which is how he inspired so many people around the world.

Sending deepest sympathies, love and strength to Her Majesty and family.

Sara Reyes-Hook, Harry & Wellington

Sara Reyes-Hook

Ich bin sehr traurig. Sie waren eine bodenständige und herausragende Persönlichkeit. Ich habe Sie immer sehr bewundert, wenn Sie Ihren 4spänner so souverän gelenkt haben.

Erika Pisl

As long as I have been involved with horses I have highly appreciated HRH the Duke of Edinburgh for his know-how and exemplary horsemanship. His passing away means an enourmous loss to the equestrian world- no matter which discipline.
With all my heart-felt respect,
Mag. Vera Zwölfer from Austria

Vera Mag. Zwölfer

“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears”
God bless you and keep you Phil - you left us with the best of you 💙

Janine Palmer

A special person, a man who said what needed to be said and done what needed to be done, a man who helped those he could help a man who left the world a better place than when he entered it. RIP the duke of Edinburgh a prince amongst men.

Kevin Gregory

A special person, a man who said what needed to be said and done what needed to be done, a man who helped those he could help a man who left the world a better place than when he entered it. RIP the duke of Edinburgh a prince amongst men.

Kevin Gregory

Been watching lots of documentaries about Prince Phillip. Didn't realise he did so much for the community the way he did.
He was a remarkable man and a tower of strength to the Queen.
It's clear he will sadly missed and fondly remembered.


Gill Penfold

What great tributes are being left for our wonderful Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. A real gentleman in all sense of the word. He is a credit to our Royal Family and our country His Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has encouraged so many young people to reach their potential. He had a brilliant sense of humour, very British and did not like fools. He undertook a life of genuine service to our country and I am so grateful for all he has done for us and proud to be part of a superb culture. Thank you Prince Philip for your loyalty and all you have done for us. 💖💖


Myself and my family have enjoyed showing our mountain and moorland ponies both in hand and ridden at Windsor horse show for many years. It was always a special occasion and an honour and delight to be there showing up against her majesty’s ponies. We also have fond memories of being at the Lowther horse show many times where we were delighted to watch the Duke of Edinburgh driving his Fell ponies in competition. He was a magnificent horseman and person to whom the horse world owes a big thank you for all his support and ideas. As a child I watched the pony games at all the big shows and on tv when it used to be telivesed much more than it is now always wishing it was me taking part and I didn’t even have a pony then. He was a wonderful man for doing so much to encourage young people to get on and enjoy themselves in a good and honest way. I shed some tears that he has passed on and have love and respect for all the royal family especially her the queen and send our condolences from us at Lancashire . He was such a special gentleman and will be sadly missed by many xx

Brenda Glover

An inspiration to us all, many thanks for all you have done for the country and the equestrian community. You are an icon of the generation that put the great in Great Britain 🇬🇧

Joanne Day

Genuine love for horses and all that entails, the world around us nature and environment. My deepest sympathy for Her Majesty The Queen I can not imagine how she is feeling. God Bless

Sandra Newson

Thank you Sir, for everything you have done for the Equestrian World. Specifically for me, Horse Driving Trials. Like yourself, I took up the sport at the age of 50 after a lifetime of riding and in the 13 years since, it has given me some of the best times of my life. A sport that requires so many qualities, you need to not only be able to master the actual art of driving a horse but also train your own brain to cope with a dressage test from memory, a cross country course with 6-8 individually marked obstacle courses whilst maintaining an optimum pace and then finally remembering a course of Cones at the end. My love of horses along with my love of a good “puzzle” made this the perfect sport for me. You were the epitome of an amazing man. May you rest in peace.

Carole Redgrave

A long life of loyal service - greatly admired and sadly missed by so many

Clare Lloyd Williams

Although I never met you, I was inspired by you and feel your loss for your family. You're strong personality will live on in all you inspired.
Rest in peace.

In honour of a most inspiring and influential member of our wonderful equestrian community, HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh, such an inspiration to me in my amateur carriage driving journey. I may never be as good at it as I would like to be, but I’m enjoying it immensely through just taking part and trying my best, an approach I know he encouraged wholeheartedly. Thank you Sir for everything you gave to our sport, RIP.

Louise Ward

RIP Dear Duke Of Edinburgh.I remember you from many years ago .A concert at the Royal Navel College Greenwich,As you walked in the orchestra played 'We are Sailing'.Your face shone>This wonderful memory will be held dear by me,
For Dear Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family all loving thoughts and Prayers.May all consolation and comfort be sent to you.

Paula Pearce

"Namasté" HRH Duke of Edinburgh

Sincerely from Italy

Giovanni Origgi
Director of the online newspaper "Il Portale del Cavallo".

Giovanni Origgi

What an amazing man, what a courageous brave and fearless man he was. He faced the challenge of marriage into the Royal family with whole hearted acceptance of the rôle expected of him, and found ways to contribute and support his wife the Queen, who inherited the position many years before she would normally have expected to. The same age and vintage as my father, just 10 days younger than him, my father died at the age of 93. I feel that generation was so special, we have so much to learn from them. So much sympathy to the Queen and all his family in their loss.

Caroline Bromley-Gardner

Thank you for your for being such a good example of sportsmanship to young people and for leaving the legacy of the outward bound schemes, the Prince Phillip cup and your inspiration to others in these and many more of your wide ranging interests. Especially in the equestrian and conservation world's.

Janet Harvey

I am grateful f the influence of Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh on the equestrian world .


Smiling and striding and driving an old Range Rover around Lowther Castle Carriage Driving Trials; looking happy with his friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Free to have his own kind of fun, with no-one bothering him, hassling him or expecting anything of him - A man at peace with the world.

Tracey Marshall

Rest easy, Sir.
With deepest appreciation,
Lady K. Wight

Kjirsten Hoveland-Wight

An inspirational man whose loyalty and commitment to Queen, Country and Commonwealth was second to none. Sadly missed by all
From an Australuan admirer who speny many a happy hour watching him xarriage driving.

Aimee Rowell