Entries to the Horse World Remembers Book of Condolence will be on display at the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021, as a gesture of appreciation for the Duke’s incredible life and achievements.

Your Royal Highness

Thank you for the your immense contribution to the horse world, particularly carriage driving. Thank you for 40 years of memories that will be treasured forever; the days competing with the ponies, the carriage designing, the Morcambe Bay crossing, the visits you made to us, and even the flying partridges at Floors! and other anecdotes to cherish.

I sincerely believe that we live on through the influence we have on others, in which case, your life and it’s legacy is certainly immortal.

Rest in peace
Mark Broadbent

Mark Broadbent

Remembering a man who throughout his life gave his best in everything he could achieve. If everyone had one ounce of his kindness the world would be a much finer place. He will be sorely missed by our nation and worldwide. My thoughts and condolences to the royal family at this very sad time x x

Jackie Alford

Thank you for all you've done in the world but particularly for horses and their sport. You did it all somewhat quietly and I'm only finding out your amazing contribution. You will be sorely missed by all of us in the equestrian community and outside it also.
I feel that you overcame so much both in your early life and what you gave up as consort. But you made your mark in so many ways, with the decision that you took.
Our heartfelt condolences go out to your family who will clearly miss you enormously as will we. There simply aren't enough decent, moral and appropriately outspoken people in the world, never mind in our community. I will also remember the times that I met you and your passion, caring and intelligence shone through.

Fiona L'Estrange

Thank you for your courageous service during WW2.
Thank you for your devotion and steadfast love for your Queen.
Thank you for thinking of others and championing their cause, their future, their desperate need. You have made such a difference to so many people around the world.
Thank you for the inspirational Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. My daughter is the proud recipient of a gold award - it feels all the more special in recent days.
Thank you for embracing adventure and a can do attitude - it really does inspire that approach in others.
Thank you for caring and for the kindness you have shown to individuals, to charities, to the natural world .

My heartfelt condolences to HM The Queen. How alone and bereft she must feel - without you by her side , where you have always been.
My sympathy to your family . How deeply they will feel your loss.

I watched you drive your carriage around the Castle Arena at Windsor - it was a thrill and a privilege to watch you in action. Horses are great levellers and so good for the soul.

A life so wonderfully lived. You were always there - dignified, respectful and bold - in your thoughts, words and deeds, steadfastly supporting the Queen.
Thank you for your inspiring example. We shall not see your like again. Rest in peace Sir.

Jacky Robinson

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart to hear passing of The Duke of Edinburgh.We have exhibited for many years at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and although of no relation and having never spoken to HRH it still feels so personal and extremely sad.
An incredible gentleman and a huge loss to our nation and her Majesty.
I feel incredibly proud to have a Royal Family and send all our love to our Majesty at such an incredibley difficult and sad time
With love Jane and Adele from Crown Jewels at The Roual Windsor Horse Show
Below is a picture of HRH from 2018 when we seen him at Royal Windsor.
Rest in Peace

Jane and Adele Mackay

I remember the duke at Windsor park when I was a member of the the Windsor park equestrian club, and where he used to steward and judge on occasions, for me I think he gave credibility to our sport of carriage driving always said see leaders leave this world.

John Ripley

Thank you for giving my family the Prince Phillip cup mounted games for 40 years it was our life every weekend and we had the most amazing time meeting so many life long friends. My brother Robert my sister Helen and myself all rode for the Bramham Moor ppc team. My dad Edwin and my Mum Jane Marshall trained the team for 30 plus years and then trained both the England And Great Britain Teams meeting Prince Phillip on many occasions He always took time to talk to them. He truly was a gentleman through and through god bless you all RIP

Ruth Bassitt

Thank you Philip
You, your daughter Anne and your granddaughter Zara were so kind to my pony mad daughter when she spoke to you or asked for an autograph. The horse world needs ambassadors and supporters, such as yourself and other members of your family. Sleep well and drive your carriages in peace and with freedom.

Jane Hemery

Goodnight Prince Philip,
Sleep tight.

Abigail Wells

My deepest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and The Royal Family.

I want to say thank you to HRH the Duke of Edenburgh, Prins Philip, for averything he had done.
That Prins Philip may rest in Havenly Peace.

Helmi Maton-Kanij

As a truly unique horseman HRH The Duke of Edinburgh had made an enormous impact on the equestrian world, also in Denmark.

May he rest in peace 🌿🐎

My condolencies to The Royal Family 🌿

Heidi Gautschi

Thank you to the wonderful Duke, HRH. A truly inspirational man. You make me proud to be British. If I could achieve even less than a fraction of 1% of what you did in your life I would be truly content. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and shining example to us all. A mighty man, stalwart, emblematic of everything that is good about being human and a horseman. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ann Knowles

Thank you for all you did, not only in the horse world, but all the wonderful charities you supported. You will especially be remembered in my life as my second generation train with a view to compete at the Horse of the Year show for the Prince Phillip cup. Your legacy will carry on.

Kathy Jones

I Big Loss To The Equestrian World.
I True Character Who Will Be Missed.

Louise Saunders

HRH Prince Philip . we thank you for a Life well lived. A life of Honor and Dignity so rare in our world. You lead by example and shared your skills with humility. It is my hope that the world will value your memory as an example and honor your legacy. Rest In Peace Philip...
Daniel E. Skidmore

Daniel Skidmore

Looking at all the tributes to Prince Phillip I can see he would never have entertained the thought of giving to his wife without asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’ To forgo his own preferences in order to support Queen Elizabeth demonstrated yielding without breaking. Personal sacrifices was required on his part and with no immediate payoff, he happily remained committed to the Queen with modesty.

Prince Phillip was rewarded in time which manifested itself in his other love - horses. He was a committed, disciplined performer. His physical attribute of balance was complemented by the rare virtue of balance which is why he and the Queen exemplified duty, trust and genuine friendship contributing towards a loving, stable, balanced marriage. It was give and give from both.

Prince Phillip was also a man of spiritual faith and because of that, we have a firm hope of seeing him again in better health and under better conditions. Until then he lovingly remains in God’s memory.

Christina Barnes

I spent many fun weekends during a few years of my youth at Prince Philip Cup mounted games competitions. Then at 14 I began my Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards. I completed Bronze, Silver and Gold and was honoured to meet the Duke at the presentation of my Gold Award at St James’ Palace.
The opportunities that participating in the Award scheme presented have undoubtedly been instrumental in my career as a Physiotherapist and my volunteering for the Riding for the Disabled Association - I arrived at a group for 3 months of service for my Bronze Award, 22 years later I am a Coach, Physiotherapist and Chair of the Group!
We continue to support DofE participants with the service section of their Awards.
The Duke of Edinburgh was a committed and inspiring man, who surely would never have known just how many people he had, and will continue to have, an impact on.

Vicky Singleton-Legg

Toutes mes sincères condoléances. Je me souviendrai toujours du Prince Philip, excellent meneur dans le marathon de Windsor...


my condolences to the queen and other family members. My heart goes out to you. RIP Prince Philip 1🙏🙏

Annie Strik

Rest in peace

Linda Quaedackers

Thank you Prince Phillip. Rest In Piece. My condoleances to all of the family and friends.
Kind regards Mirjan van den Berg

Mirjan van den Berg

I saw the Duke whilst competing at many events where he was just another competitor, enjoying his sport, expecting very little special treatment. When our paths crossed he seemed genuinely interested and I felt very honoured when this happened on several occasions. He had no airs or graces and was willing to pass on advice and help where he thought necessary with no sense of pompousness. He was a true gentleman and will be greatly missed in the horse world and beyond.

Diane Phillips

Please accept my condolences. such an intelligent and talented person passed away. I grieve with you


There have been moments over the past 30 years when I have wondered if His Royal Highness knew what he had invented with Pony Club Mounted Games and the Prince Philip Cup! Twice I have been threatened with the Court of Human Rights if I did not give a member a chance to be in a qualifying mounted games Branch team. . . (Eligibility, what eligibility?!) However his vision for the ordinary child on the ordinary pony has given opportunities to Pony Club members the like of which they would have never had without him. Competing as star attractions at almost every County Show. Travelling the length and breadth of the country, and camping out, with like minded friends and their ponies. Learning skills that will last a lifetime, and not just with barbecuing. Being members of a team, learning loyalty and how to be a good loser. Opportunities, if you were good enough to represent your country both at home and abroad. Starring roles on Television during HOYS week. The vision His Royal Highness had will be enduring and we are all enormously grateful for his unending support and encouragement. Area 14 The Pony Club (Wessex and Channel Islands) thanks His Royal Highness and offers it's condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family.

Louisa Thornycroft

I thoroughly enjoyed the "D of E Awards" when I was young, it taught me a lot. I went on to join the Territorial Forces which I loved. All alongside my showjumping career. I respected the Duke for his love of horses, and we will always remember him for that. Will be missed.

Samantha beck